Tuesday, March 20, 2007

atrocities on dalits

ATROCITIES ON DALITS IN INDIA Inequalities , double standards by government of India in the recent past in India atrocities on dalits are on rise. In khairlanji of maharashtra a dalit family was paraded naked. In M.P , heads of dalits are shaven & made to sit on donkeys , paraded. In kanpur , U.P disrespect is shown to babasaheb's statue , same type of disrespect is shown in maharashtra. All these proves the perverted mindset of those criminals – dalit oppressors. This goes to prove that those opressors are not humanbeings as they lack culture & have not evolved into humanbeings. They are still animals , the sad part is that these dalit oppressors are in the vantage positions of government , public service & call the shots. Just on the eve of babasaheb's death anniversary , all the accussed in the kambalapalli dalit massacre , Karnataka were let free , by the court. What type of justice is this ? Now take for instance TADA cases , in Karnataka-tamilnadu border forest area ,forest brigand veerappan was looting forest resources. Police failed for long to apprehend him , to cover-up their own inefficiencies police simply used to round-up grownups on one pretext or the other. You must remember that there was no terrorism in that area still TADA provisions were invoked , innocents tribals , dalits were tortured by police . they filed TADA cases on grounds like you have supplied food , you have stitched veerappan's clothes, etc. these acts even if true does not amount to terrorism. On the other side , Bombay is under repeated attack by terrorists. Mr.sanjay dutt a film icon was caught redhanded with AK-47 , PISTOLS , ETC in his possession. This is surely an act of terrorism. Bail provisions under TADA are strict. However mr.sanjay dutt's father was a member of parliament & politically well connected. Mr.dutt got bail , now even the judge has absolved him of terrorist charges.

Bottomline : if one is a rich crook in India he will be rewarded , if he is a poor , innocent , dalit – he will be framed.

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