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Judges Police - TRAITORS

Judges  Police  -  TRAITORS  , ANTI  NATIONALS


Advocateyogeshsaxena Worshipnaturecreativity said...

The post of Advocate General is of significant value when it comes to defend the state in sensitive concerns either before High Court or Supreme Court. Sometimes back order of Special Secretary (Law) sacked two important law officials in Uttar Pradesh including Gaurav Bhatia, Additional Advocate General, citing their failure to defend State's cause in Supreme Court. There have been many instances in the past when there had been a long delay in appointment of Advocate General, leading to displeasure of concerned High Court.

Now that's quite interesting. I mean how come incompetent people get access to important posts? That makes it very clear that people enjoying political patronage easily come to ensure a place in corridors of power. If we look at the previous appointments of Advocate General in past the post has gone to people having strong political affiliation, especially with ruling party. That's a worrying trend.

Some of the senior advocates belonging to Allahabad High Court including Mr Yogesh Saxena have raised grave concerns regarding the way sanctity of certain important posts gets compromised with. They are of the opinion that a certain mechanisms should come into operation which ensures that only deserving candidate get placed on key posts.

In fact, a prominent Advocate's Forum, having eminent members from the Bar Association, also felt the same way. So let's hope only right people get entry into corridors of power. That's imperative for bringing real changes in the system.
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Advocateyogeshsaxena Worshipnaturecreativity said...

No where in this world, there is justice for the weaker section of society subjected to be victimised exploited and discriminated by the privilege orientation and power intoxication of institutional corruption and women all over world are subjected to cruility and children exploited. The creature of Almighty are eaten by slaughtering, and sacrifycing just to pacify lust for taste, sex, power and possession and thus no body bothered except the exploited slavery.

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Application filed in the Supreme Court of India in Order dated 09/05/2017 in SUO MOTU CONTEMPT PETITION(C) NO.1/2017;so too the Writ Petition instituted in the Hon'ble Delhi HC -re the Registry of the Supreme Court by its Letter Diary No. 2427 of 2017 dated 24/25 of May 2017 was pleased to inform me that the Criminal Miscellaneous Application which I have instituted before the Supreme Court at the behest of Justice Karnan in challenge of the Order by which he was convicted and sentenced to undergo an imprisonment for six month contains certain procedural infirmities. The Copy of the letter dated 24/ 25 May 2017 which was addressed by the Registrar to me which has been served on me on 27.05.2017 is annexed for your ready reference. The defects pointed out are clerical in nature and those defects will be cured at the earliest possible. I thought of addressing you for the third time to bring to your gracious notice that Justice Karnan, being convicted and sentenced, as aforesaid,by way of a proceeding which he considers to be wholly unconstitutional and void has since then without loss of even a moment, been taken all steps which as a citizen of India is invested in him as per the Constitution and the laws of this country. Among the steps taken include an Application under Article 72 of the Constitution of India for suspension of the sentence which was imposed upon him. The said Application has been presented to the Secretary to the President, by me along with the son of Justice Karnan. We are pursuing the said representation in all possible means by being in touch with the Prime Minister’s Office so too the Ministry of Home affairs and the Ministry of Law and Justice. Justice Karnan has invoked the jurisdiction of the Hon'ble High Court too under article 226 of the constitution seeking a declaration that the Contempt of courts Act is unconstitutional because the plea which he so raised before the Supreme Court came to be not adjudicated. The Registrar of the Supreme Court for reasons difficult to be fathomed chose not to place the matter before the Hon’ble Judges but to simply reject it,all by himself without even giving notice to me;without hearing me. The Delhi High Court registry too has notified certain defects which are technical in nature, which too will be cured as early as it could be. A copy of the scrutiny sheet on which the defects are notified is annexed hereto for your ready reference. Justice Karnan has also instituted a Chamber Appeal in challenge of the Order of the Registrar by which the Application for recall of the Order dated 09.05.2017, was refused to be registered. My contact details are available from the very letter head itself. I am always available on my cell number as well. Besides that, I will keep you posted of the steps taken by Justice Karnan for the enforcement of his fundamental rights guaranteed to him by the constitution.

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*Honble M P Shri H. S. Khalsa has addressed the enclosed letter to His Excellency The President of India, raising a strong voice against the manner in which the jurisdiction of the Parliament has been encroached upon by the Honble Supreme Court while convicting and sentencing Justice Karnan. The Honble MP has also stressed upon the Doctrine of Separation of Powers and the theory of the Basic Structure of the Constitution while condemning the usurpation of the powers of the Parliament by the Judiciary. The Honble MP is, _"sad to note that the Chief Justice of India and his brother judges, in their haste to settle their personal ego with a sitting Judge of Calcutta High Court Justice C.S.Karnan, have played havoc with the institution of the Judiciary. In their endeavour of retribution to punish a sitting Calcutta High Court Judge Justice Karnan, they have awarded him the sentence which nearly equates to impeachment."

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Justice DIPAK MISHRA (SITTING JUDGE OF SUPREME COURT) because The Additional District Magistrate of Cuttack had declared him as "FRAUD" while cancelling the Lease of his land which he had grabbed from the State Government by giving false affidavit. At that time he was a practicing advocate in orissa high court. He never appealed in next higher court against the decision of the Additional District Magistrate but surprisingly the land was not taken back by the state government and in the meantime he became a judge. Please go through the pdf copy of the Complaint dated 24.09.2016 and read the interesting facts of this case given bellow:-
There are many interesting fact in this case:-Justice Dipak Mishra has mentioned his First name as “Deepak” in the Lease Application and Affidavit to get the said government land; it is a matter of investigation whether he started writing his name as Dipak after becoming a judge or after the government land fraud was exposed in Lease Revision Case.
Justice Dipak Mishra was appointed as judge in Orissa High Court and the close relative of Former Chief Justice Late Ranganath Mishra who’s son Sri Sibananda Mishra had also committed the same fraud (Lease Case No. 587 of 1979 by mentioning his father’s name as Raghunath Mishra instead of Justice Ranganath Mishra and Justice Dipak Mishra father’s name is also Raghunath Mishra) and CBI has also mentioned the fraud of Sibananda Mishra in its report.
Collector of Cuttack submitted his report on 04.01.2012 & CBI conducted a preliminary inquiry and submitted a final status report on 30.05.2013 in WP(C) No. 4136 of 2009 with the Hounourable Orissa High Court. The Collector of Cuttack and CBI had mentioned about the fraud committed by Shri Deepak Mishra (Justice Dipak Mishra) in their inquiry/investigation report and the Honourable Judges who are hearing this Writ Petition, the Petitioner, the Counsels of both the parties and the Advocate General of Odisha must have gone through the status report of CBI in which the fraudulent act of this Senior Sitting Judge of Honourable Supreme Court was clearly reported and the copy of the said CBI report must be in possession of the counsel of both the parties. After the submission of the final status report of the CBI on 30.05.2013 minimum Seven times the Honourable Judges named Justice Sri Indrajit Mahanty & Justice Sri S.C.Parija have passed different order and the counsel of both the parties have attended the hearing (As for the Case Status of this writ petition in the Orissa High Court Website) but neither the Honourable Judges nor the parties and their Counsels have ever took any interest to convey about the fraudulent act of Justice Dipak Mishra to the Chief Justice of The Honourable Supreme Court of India or Chief Justice of The Honourable High Court of Orissa.
Every citizen of India is enjoying the fundamental rights as mentioned in the Constitution of India and the Article 21 is the most important Constitutional Rights of any Citizen of India i.e. “Protection of life and personal liberty No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law” and certain Fundamental Rights including those under Articles 14, 20, 21& 25 apply to persons of any nationality upon Indian soil. The Fundamental Duties of citizens under Article 51A were added to the Constitution by the 42nd Amendment in 1976 to remind every citizen that they should not only be conscious of their rights but also their duties. In the case of Chandra Bhawan Boarding Vrs State of Mysore, The Honourable Supreme Court made the following observation prior to the insertion of Article 51A:
“It is a fallacy to think that our Constitution, there are only rights and no duties. The provision in Part IV enables the legislature to build a welfare society and that object may be achieved to the extent the directive Principles are implemented by legislation.”
The Honourable Judges of Orissa High Court who are hearing the WP(C) No. 4136 of 2009, Counsels of both the partie