Sunday, April 02, 2017

Judges Police - TRAITORS

Judges  Police  -  TRAITORS  , ANTI  NATIONALS

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Advocateyogeshsaxena Worshipnaturecreativity said...

The post of Advocate General is of significant value when it comes to defend the state in sensitive concerns either before High Court or Supreme Court. Sometimes back order of Special Secretary (Law) sacked two important law officials in Uttar Pradesh including Gaurav Bhatia, Additional Advocate General, citing their failure to defend State's cause in Supreme Court. There have been many instances in the past when there had been a long delay in appointment of Advocate General, leading to displeasure of concerned High Court.

Now that's quite interesting. I mean how come incompetent people get access to important posts? That makes it very clear that people enjoying political patronage easily come to ensure a place in corridors of power. If we look at the previous appointments of Advocate General in past the post has gone to people having strong political affiliation, especially with ruling party. That's a worrying trend.

Some of the senior advocates belonging to Allahabad High Court including Mr Yogesh Saxena have raised grave concerns regarding the way sanctity of certain important posts gets compromised with. They are of the opinion that a certain mechanisms should come into operation which ensures that only deserving candidate get placed on key posts.

In fact, a prominent Advocate's Forum, having eminent members from the Bar Association, also felt the same way. So let's hope only right people get entry into corridors of power. That's imperative for bringing real changes in the system.
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